The 13 Moon Walk 4 Peace was the 4th in a series of Walks sponsored by the Spirit of Truth Foundation from 2000 to 2011. The first walk was a walk of healing and reconciliation from Pennsylvania to Georgia, on the Appalachian Trail. The walk was called the Trail of Dreams Ancestral Journey and our purpose was to reconcile the atrocities of the Atlantic Slave Trade and the Trail of Tears. The second walk was in 2002, as the walkers crossed the Atlantic Ocean and continued with the prayers and reconciliation in the slave dungeons and along the routes where Africans were captured and brought to the USA as slaves. From 2005 to 2009, walkers began a global walk for peace (the Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk). Walkers walked six continents, engaging communities, learning from elders and sharing our common concerns for Mother Earth and all life – especially the voiceless. Then on October 10, 2010, walkers began the 13 Moon Walk 4 Peace.
The 13 Moon Walk 4 Peace, as were previous walks, was a people’s walk and was scheduled in alignment with the lunar calendar, which is, according to ancient tradition, the calendar of cooperation. It also aligns with the sacred feminine, which is important to the walkers as their goal is to touch the “heart” of America, to affect healing and transformation in the way we relate to each other and Mother Earth. This will open the way for compassionate leadership at a time when our country needs it most.
“The idea for the 13 Moon Walk for Peace,” says Audri Scott Williams, VisionKeeper for the Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk, “came when we returned to the USA from our three and a half year global walk for PEACE. On our journey from New York back to Atlanta, GA, we were struck by the pockets of poverty and disenfranchised communities that appeared to be under the radar, invisible to the general population. We realized our work was not done, in many ways it was just beginning. We decided, before we even made it back home to Atlanta, that we would do a walk in the USA to be a catalyst for healing the heart of our communities here at home.”
Walkers were from diverse cultures, ancestry, genders, and faiths. The 13 Moon Walk for Peace began in Atlanta, GA, where the Sacred Fire of Thunder, honoring the Great Law of Peace, from Six Nations was passed to the Walkers. The Sacred Fire of Thunder journeyed from Six Nations (for information see: Soul of the Mother, whose mission is to offer Ancient Indigenous wisdom as a means of awakening the true loving essence of the human spirit. We join with the natural rhythm of the heartbeat of our Mother Earth and we are governed by the sacred world of the Spirit.) through communities along the east coast to reach Atlanta in time for the walk. Walkers engaged grassroots groups across the country (42 cities and reservations) to raise awareness of issues affecting our communities, and to highlight grassroots groups and organizations that are making a difference in their communities.
As I write this article, we are preparing for the conclusion of yet our 5th walk, Out of Washington Comes Respect for Mother Earth – A Walk for the Environment from Washington, DC to Tuskegee, AL. Central to all of our walks is the inclusion of ancient practices and ways of coming to understanding ourselves in relationship to the world around us that we may be better caregivers to each other, Mother Earth and all living beings. In this spirit, we joined with the Heal the Atmosphere Association to share with communities along the walk something that anyone can practice Agnihotra or homatherapy as a “solution to pollution”. Agnihotra is the process of purifying the atmosphere through specially prepared fire. This healing fire comes from the Vedas, the most ancient body of knowledge known to man.
Diane Longboat’s, Soul of the Mother, message is a great summary of the knowledge shared by elders along our walks and whose wisdom is the foundation of our walks:
This declaration affirms my abiding belief in humanity that we can justly acknowledge our collective history and develop a new relationship that propels us into a future where peace is a lived consciousness each day and the new brotherhood, founded on mutual respect and the celebration of diversity, guides us into falling in love with all of creation. The Code of Life is written on the land, in our respective homelands throughout the world where we walk on the faces of our Ancestors and renew our commitments to a life of peace. Our reconciliation is both human based and with our Mother Earth who must be revitalized from the vestiges of war and conflict.

In my prayers I return to the Original Instructions that our Creator gave to all Beings, human and those seated in His Council of Creation. I acknowledge the suffering of genocide to all Indigenous white peoples, black peoples, yellow peoples and to our red peoples throughout time. I pray for forgiveness, reconciliation through ceremony and for the emergence of a new relationship leading us forward as Human Family in this profoundly exciting New Era of Humanity.

I acknowledge the physical and emotional results of genocide as racism, poverty, classism, displacement, loss of homelands, betrayal, profound grieving, oppression of ancient spiritual traditions rooted in the land and in Spirit, and loss of cultural treasures and wisdoms.

How do we rebuild what has been lost? How do we collectively meet the future to ensure that the reality we create for the unborn is one of deep love and respect for diverse peoples, an honest reflection of our core human values that we treasure, humbly seeking a life way that is sustainable on our Mother Earth, firmly establishing a place of honor for all ancient Indigenous wisdoms, boldly and fearlessly building a new paradigm based on Spirit of all religious and spiritual traditions and establishing a path of truth for generations to come?

I believe in the inherent good of all human beings. I also believe that the greatest enemy of all we hold dear is not each other, politics, money, power or influence, governments or transnational corporations. It is the mind of the human being that is poisoned with ego when the heart and spirit is not connected to the Creator as the greatest power in the universe. We need sacred spiritual guidance each day in our prayers so that we can manifest the sacred here on Mother Earth. We live in a deeply sacred time, the crucible of humanity is now. We are being birthed and launched into the era of living spirit where all prophecies are fulfilled and converge from every deeply rooted ancient spiritual tradition. It is the Era of Living Spirit. We are so fortunate to be alive to play our respective roles in this divine process.

In my language of Mohawk, I say each day, “kanaronkwa”. It means, “we bind ourselves together in the spirit of the Creator’s greatest medicine that is love. In doing so, we fall in love with each other and with all of Creation. I suggest the declaration use the word LOVE in many languages as respective peoples and organizations sign on.

In my language of Mohawk, I say each day, “kanaronkwa”. It means, “we bind ourselves together in the spirit of the Creator’s greatest medicine that is love. In doing so, we fall in love with each other and with all of Creation. I suggest the declaration use the word LOVE in many languages as respective peoples and organizations sign on.

Common to our walks since 2005, has been the presence of the World Flag. We uphold the mission and goals of the World Flag.
The World Flag:
Our Mission is to inspire positive global change by embracing and celebrating cultural diversity.
Our Goal is to raise awareness of countries, territories, and indigenous peoples around the world, awakening a united focus on world health, human rights and our environment.

May We Walk in the Remembrance of Who We Are,
Audri Scott Williams