Earthdance is an extraordinary organization working to support humanitarian initiatives through the global language of music and dance. Their mission is to promote peace by joining participants worldwide in a synchronized Prayer for Peace.

PrayerWith so many unique cultures and languages around the world it is imperative to find universal forms of expression to share our common desire for global cooperation and harmony. The beauty of music and dance is that these mediums are found everywhere on the planet and touch a deep core of spiritual consciousness within us all. As we listen to the music of other lands and join with them in the rhythm of life, our minds and hearts open in ways we may not have experienced otherwise. From this space we create greater opportunity for communication and cooperation in a more human way.

The Dalai Lama on the Earthdance (Chris Decker and  Return to the Source)  concept:
“I feel the role of music and  dance in helping planetary peace can be very useful.  I have the opinion that any message can be channeled in different ways to reach its audience.  Dance or music, I think are a very effective method to reach millions of people who may not have the capacity, interest or awareness to find out about Tibet otherwise.”

Synchronized events around the globe will create a space for reflection during a Prayer for Peace. This global unifying experience can allow the world to experience moments of peace that begin as minutes, becoming days, weeks, and then years.

The Earth Dance Vision is to have one million people join in the Prayer for Peace. The aim is to inspire participation from all walks of life,  from politicians to artists from every corner of the globe.
Major societal change always begin with small numbers of committed people who inspire others to action. As Margaret Mead once said, “never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” It is time now to think of ourselves as citizens of the world. This small paradigm shift in thought can tip the balance toward greater unity of purpose in pursuit of a world at peace with itself and in harmony with nature.

As the Dalai Lama told EARTHDANCE founder Chris Deckker: “I think global events are a really hopeful sign. When something happens on one side of the planet, it naturally affects the other side. After all, we all share the same blue planet.”

For the sake of our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and our children – the world’s children, we must come together to save ourselves and this beautiful planet we call home. Let us join and become that group of “thoughtful committed citizens” who lead the way.

You can participate by registering now to become part of the global solution and raise awareness toward the concept of peace and harmony throughout the world. Go to to find an event near you, register as an event producer, or join the Prayer for Peace to take place this September 18th, 2010. You may also want to join the Earthdance Community Network for peace and sustainable culture at

“If the people will lead, the leaders will follow.” Join us now in dance, in music, in life, in action to help make a better world for us all.

Dance with the Earth, Dance with us all – For a Peaceful, Sustainable World.